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We at Chattingeasy believe that a chat room is better and more suitable for meeting new people than a dating site. First of all a lot of dating sites are not free. And if you ask me, you should not pay to socialize with other people. We as humans are social beings and are meant to live among others.

Everybody is so caught up in meeting people through dating sites, but wouldn't it be awesome if you could meet local singles live. Our free chat rooms combined different age groups so users can meet others alike anywhere in the country, and start chatting them up right away. It's way more convenient and faster to get to know someone when you`re talking to them live opposed to sending them messages a few times a day.

Now there are a lot of chat sites that you can find online. But are they what you are looking for? We are determined to become the best chatrooms website on the internet! Our main difference from other sites is that we are going to make it easier for people to meet singles alike in their area. Meeting people online is only fun when you can actually expand your interactions in to the real life. Otherwise what is the purpose.

So our revolutionary difference from any other chat rooms is that we combined a regular dating site and a regular chat room into one. That way you can find local people around you with the potential of meeting them in real life.

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